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The origins of Lambda-Meßtechnik GmbH as a company are essentially within the Technical University of Dresden. Its history goes back to GDR times, when the University with a division for scientific instrument manufacture and research technology had to develop rare research technology and apply research results across a wide scope.

The managing directors, Dr.-Ing. Jörg Keßler and Dipl.-Ing Thilo Stahn were assigned to this division and succeeded in developing a functional measurement tool, based on an unsteady thermocouple process, which had been worked out by the Institute of Thermodynamics

In October 1993 they founded Lambda-Meßtechnik GmbH Dresden as a company situated in the Dresden technology centre.

The company’s main business is the development and manufacture of tools for the determination of thermal conductivity, primarily for insulating and construction materials.

The company has currently a workforce of 10 employees. Offices, Laboratory and workshop are located on the campus of Dresden University of Technology (TU Dresden) and University of Applied Sciences Dresden (HTW Dresden). 

The present main product is a new tool design called

Thermal Conductivity Test Tool λ-Meter EP500e (guarded hot plate apparatus)


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Lambda-Meßtechnik GmbH Dresden
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