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According to European product standards EN 13162…13171 a manufacturer of insulating materials must have 10 valid test results of thermal conductivity or resistance. These results are needed for determining the declared values in order to qualify for CE-certification. Typically four test results are acquired through an external and renowned test institute (e.g. FIW Munich). The remaining six tests can be done yourself. In case you do have your own measurement device (guarded hot plate apparatus) you may outsource the test activities to an outside company.

Please note our attractive offer for manufacturers who have not yet procured their own thermal conductivity test tool. 

We will test your samples for thermal conductivity and thermal transfer resistance in accordance with EN1946-2 on our Thermal Conductivity Test Tool λ-Meter EP500e. The test will be in full compliance with ISO 8302, ASTM C177, EN 12667 and DIN 52612.

You will get a test report for each specimen. This report will provide a detailed description of the specimen, the test parameters, the recorded thermal conductivity as function of the test temperature and a corresponding graph with polynomial line. A calculation of λ90,90 and the declared value of λD according to standards EN 13162…13171 will be included if the number of specimens submitted is sufficient.

We will carry out these tests at an unbeatable low price. Additionally you will get a discount of € 3000 on the thermal conductivity test tool, if you opt for a purchase in the near future.

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