Examination Report from FIW Munich

You are advised to be careful with statements our competitors make about their tool performance and accuracy. Ideally the product quality should be monitored by a recognised European test institute. 

The prototype of guarded hot plate apparatus λ-Meter EP500e had been successfully tested by the FIW Munich for several weeks at the end of 1999. Dr. Achtzinger was the responsible manager for testing specimens on a double-specimen conductivity meter at the FIW Munich and then comparing it to test results of our tool. Our results only differed less than 2 % from the results by FIW. FIW claim a max. variation of 2 % on their test results. This clearly proves that the accuracy of our λ-Meter EP 500 is identical to the tools of FIW.  However we have improved our technology considerably since 1999. 

The report by FIW Munich confirms that the guarded hot plate apparatus λ-Meter EP500e complies with standards DIN 52612-1, EN 12667 and ISO 8302 respectively. We need to stress this compliance as a first  impression may lead you to believe otherwise because it looks different, e.g. does not have a measurement chamber. 

Report CE.1-1/99 (*.pdf, 848 kB) by the Forschungsinstitut für Wärmeschutz  e.V. München (FIW Munich)